Winter Workshop


Under the Stillness

Pink opal, black tourmaline, ammonite, labradorite, hematite, and aventurine

Pink opal, black tourmaline, ammonite, labradorite, hematite, and aventurine


This meditation is very special. Over the last 5 meditations you have relaxed and opened various aspects of your physical and energetic body. It is only when we are grounded and open that we can tap into insights, truths and wisdom that are held in the body. You have been cleaning stuff away that can help you now listen to a deeper layer of yourself. 

This time of year is a magical one. But, often we can’t access that magic because we are so busy, and blocked with lots of stress, family dynamics, travel, etc… All of these things which take us away from the energy that is all around us during this special time of year. What we end up getting caught up in is actually the opposite of what this season is all about. If you think about how a bear hibernates in the winter, that is really the energy of winter. The body wants to slow down, to be more quiet, thoughtful, and listen. To pause before the energy of the New Year and of Spring.

This is a natural time of reflection, stillness, and a time to go inward. Todays meditation will use all of that seasonal magic to guide you to a place where you can feel for yourself what is possible under all of that stillness. 


Minerals - pink opal, ammonite, quartz with epidote, aventurine, labradorite 





You did it! be sure to celebrate all the hard work you put into this workshop. 


lauren king

The Aura

Minerals used this week to help you expand your aura - clear quartz, amethyst (including some amethyst stones that were my mother's), and labradorite. 

Minerals used this week to help you expand your aura - clear quartz, amethyst (including some amethyst stones that were my mother's), and labradorite. 


This meditation is all about relaxing your aura, and expanding it out so that it can radiate at its fullest dimension and intensity.

We have gone through many layers of the physical body: the mind, the heart, the organs and the skin. The path we have been traveling is both down and then out. Starting with the most base matter level of our consciousness (our minds - very limiting) and then going deeper and deeper into the body, and then expanding outwards to the most etheric level (our auras - very expansive). 

We started this workshop talking about the science of the breathwork and how it relaxes the body. But here is where we will dive deeper into the energetic effects of the breathwork and talk more about the unseen (oh! my favorite!). 

What is an aura? It is the electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5 feet (in a average healthy body). Just stop and think about that for a moment - the 4-5 feet circumference of your body, that is also a part of your body that you can’t see. Your aura is a direct reflection energetically of what is happening in your energy body, which includes effects from your emotions, thoughts, health, etc…

All matter has a vibration, this is the principle used when working with minerals, but it’s not just things found in nature, it’s your kitchen table, your cup of tea, and your body. The molecules, cells and atoms of our bodies all have a vibration which generates an electric pulse, and all of these tiny electric pulses create an electromagnetic field around our bodies, an aura. Which means that everything in this universe that is made of matter has an aura. Pretty cool. 

Enough science. 

Part of what is happening when you do the breathwork is that you are getting in touch with the unseen energy all around you. It’s helping you tune into the energy of your spirit and the energy of the universe. And perhaps even the energy of guides that are around you. Air energy, or breath, is a masculine energy - it’s the energy of spirt (while Earth energy, or the energy of your body, is a female energy, the energy of your soul. And we are made up of spirit and soul - the merging of these two energies in us is what creates our own wholeness - but that’s another workshop ;) . This is why breathwork is so expansive and clearing. It’s using the energy of Air, of your breath, to help you connect to spirit, and spirit is all about expanding and clearing energy. That is what it does best.

This meditation will help you tune in in a bigger way to your spirit - to help you use that energy to relax the body layer by layer and finally land you in a place to discover more about the unseen energy all around you - your vibration - your aura. 

Get ready to go on a journey!


Minerals - amethyst, clear quartz, labradorite, black tourmaline






lauren king

The Skin

Some of the minerals I used this week to support you - clockwise: amazonite, kyanite, aegirine, hematite & copper.

Some of the minerals I used this week to support you - clockwise: amazonite, kyanite, aegirine, hematite & copper.


This meditation we will explore the sensitivity of our skin. Our skin is the physical boundary of our body. Yes, we also have an energetic body that extends beyond the skin (we will get into that next week). But what happens when we open up our skin to be more receptive? How can we use that receptivity to reveal to us something about our boundaries and where they need to be strengthen - where they need to soften? 

With this meditation we will get lots of energy moving and explore the wisdom and receptivity of our skin. How can the rest of your body relax more deeply when it feels more trusting of the protective power of your skin? 

Try not to answer these questions with your mind, but instead move in the world after this meditation and feel into what your skin reveals to you about them. 


Minerals - epidote, kyanite, rose quartz, hematite, aegirine, amazonite, copper






lauren king

The Organs

Minerals supporting you this week - moonstone, jasper (polychrome), rose quartz, hematite and black tourmaline.

Minerals supporting you this week - moonstone, jasper (polychrome), rose quartz, hematite and black tourmaline.


This meditation is all about relaxing your organs. You don’t often think about this right? Relaxing your organs. But, your organs are working round the clock for you and they not only process a lot of matter but also a lot of energy in the body. Using some guided imagery we will work with the elements to help you clear and cleanse away any energy that might be clogging them, or that they might be holding. How you would move in the world if you were relaxed from the inside out?

Minerals - moonstone, jasper, lithium quartz, rose quartz, hematite (polychrome jasper - madgascar), black tourmaline



lauren king

The Heart

Minerals in the grid for helping to support the energies of the heart this week. 

Minerals in the grid for helping to support the energies of the heart this week. 


This meditation is all about relaxing the heart. There is a lot we could talk about when it comes to the heart, as it does so many amazing things, but for this week I wanted to focus just on helping it to relax.

The heart is made up of two main energies - the strength of heart and the receptive heart. Each of your hearts express these two energies in ways that are unique to you. And there is a flow of energy between these two halves, a continuous cycle of giving and receiving. This cycle can be off for many reasons, which are too nuanced to get into here. BUT! One of the things we can use the breathwork for is to help relax the heart, relax the outer shell we have placed over it so that the heart can have room to breathe and expand. 

This heart meditation is not about feeling into the emotions of the heart. Very often we over emotionalize the heart (especially in breathwork), or another way to put it is we feel the false heart. These emotions can keep us from the truth of the heart, which sometimes is the exact opposite of how we experience and think about the heart day to day. There is a lot of power in the heart, and it doesn’t need our protecting. So, this week we are going to go into it and see what new energy arises from letting it relax, to give it just a few minutes where it isn't being controlled or protected by our minds. The more you can relax today, and let go of expectations, ideas, assumptions, and just follow the energy that reveals itself to you the better.


Minerals - kunzite, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, danburite, pink tourmaline, hematite

Note: I know this recording recorded my voice a little lower - just hang in there - I will make sure this doesn’t happen in the future. 




If you got emotional while breathing that is ok - please share about it in the comments and I can do what I can to help you navigate. Remember - there is no wrong experience - don't judge anything that happens during these meditations - it's all just information.

After the meditation reflect on what you feel, what comes up, what is new, what you might not have known about your heart before, what the gift of allowing it to have more space is, what is revealed about your particular heart when it is relaxed, etc…


lauren king

The Mind

this is the full grid I have laid out for the workshop of all the minerals I mentioned. I work with it when I make the recordings and have it setup to hold space for each of you during the workshop. 

this is the full grid I have laid out for the workshop of all the minerals I mentioned. I work with it when I make the recordings and have it setup to hold space for each of you during the workshop. 


Each of the following meditations will focus on some aspect of relaxing the body. This type of breathwork meditation is great for stress as it nurtures your nervous system. Because it is an active breath it really supports your body, allowing you to engage with it while also relaxing it deeply.

Let’s get scientific for a minute (we will get spiritual later)…

Deep breathing has an effect on your brain, heart, digestion, immune system, and even your genes! The sympathetic nervous system is triggered during stress, and breathing deeply stimulates an opposing parasympathetic reaction - this is the system that will help to calm you down. Even short spans of deep breathing can have an effect on the stress response in our bodies (down to our cells and even our DNA), which is pretty amazing.

The two part breathwork also stimulates your hypothalamus gland, a small almond shaped glad inside the brain. This gland maintains the homeostasis of the body, it has control over many functions in the body like your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep cycles, and it also produces substances that influence the pituitary gland to release certain hormones into the body. Hormones such as Oxytocin which is what is released when you orgasm and it is also the hormone connected to your ability to trust, and CHR which stimulates the adrenal glands to release corticosteroids which helps your immune system (this is one of the reasons you get sick when you are really stressed out).

So, you can see that the simple act of breathing more deeply can have a powerful effect on the function and wellbeing of your body. This is the most written information you will have during the next 6 weeks, I promise. ;) I simply want to explain to you why breathwork is such a powerful tool to use during stressful times, like the holidays. And why I am focusing on relaxing different aspects of the body each week to not only help support you during this time of year, but also allow for an opening to connect with the magic that is all around us during the winter season.


Daily Routine Support 

Think about something you can start to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine to help support you during this workshop. This should be something you can still do while you travel if you plan to do so. Maybe it’s taking a morning walk, making a tea with adaptogens, journaling, making time to connect with your partner at the end of each day, it might be trying to speak up more about your needs, going more easy on yourself like when you have a second piece of pie… maybe it is doing these meditations. Whatever it is make the commitment here and now that you will make this a priority to do for yourself. Think about this thing as a reward for yourself. Integrating a new element into your routine is not about perfection, but about practice. 


Minerals - purple fluorite, lepidolite, aquamarine, lithium quartz, hematite



lauren king



This workshop was designed so that you can learn how to prepare and set the groundwork for yourself to walk through a challenging time. And for a lot of us the holidays are difficult for one reason or another. But, the holiday season is also full of a lot of magic that doesn’t get utilized because we are all so busy and stressed. If you are here, then this year you are ahead of the game. This year is going to be different for you. You don’t want to wait until you are overwhelmed. Start now so that you can tap into the magic and feel the ground beneath your feet as you walk through all the craziness. 

The holidays can bring up a lot of emotion, for many many reasons. Some of it comes from stress. We all know that when we are stressed we tend to have an easier breaking point. And some of you might have difficult family situations, or don’t do well traveling. All of this might still be there - your family might still be difficult, you might still have to travel, but if you stay engaged with yourself and grounded you can face these things from more of the truth of who you are. That’s the place you will land as we peel back layer after layer each week.

During this season you will use meditations that will help relax certain aspects of the body, and help you build towards a certain energy (it’s a surprise). It is totally up to you if you want to do this meditation one time, multiple times as needed, or every day. These meditations are designed to be done in a certain order, but feel free to return to previous recordings that resonated with you. How many times you use them in a week is really up to you. I am giving you the tools, but you must choose to use them to the degree in which you feel you need them. 

Take some time today to listen to the intro recording. If you have never done the breathwork before listen to the part on how to do the breathwork. In there you will also find information on how to set up your space so you will be all set to go! Each meditation will be on average around 20 min, so plan on giving yourself around 20-30 min to meditate.

I will also be mentioning some minerals that I will be using that will help with that weeks meditation. If you have them, you can hold them during the breathwork meditation, if not that is totally fine. You don’t need them. Just me using them and talking about them will activate the energies in you. Here is a list of the main ones I will be using - should you wish to purchase any of them in advance and use them during that week. You don’t need to get any or all of these, but if you are interested in working with minerals in a deeper way and want something specific read the list and if one pops out at you seek out that one in particular. You don't need to know what they do, just trust what you feel in your body as you read the name of each one. If you feel a pull towards one, trust it. 


Black tourmaline

Pink opal


Quartz with epidote



Rose Quartz



Pink tourmaline

Clear quartz






Clear quartz


Purple Fluorite



Lithium quartz


If you only get one I recommend hematite as it is very grounding and that is the most important thing in all types of energetic work. You can work with any mineral you already own, but this list is very specific to the energies we will be working with and they are all very soothing and calming minerals. If you plan to use something you have just make sure it isn’t very energetically activating, like pyrite, moldavite, or any orange or red mineral. If you have questions about this you can leave them in the comment section.

I want to strongly encourage you to use the comment section. Please check in, let us know how you are doing and ask questions. And don’t be afraid to respond to other peoples sharing and questions. This is one of the most powerful aspects of this on-line format. Sharing is caring. Sharing is powerful. It is what will help weave the energy of this community together and hold space for the group as a whole. We have people from all over the world doing this together. Share your wisdom with each other. And read each others insights and questions, it might answer some of your own and help you see that others are having similar experiences. You are not in this alone, so make yourself known. Looking forward to hearing from you and hearing about what you discover.






lauren king