Allan Kaprow,  Comfort Zone s, 1975

Allan Kaprow, Comfort Zones, 1975

Fields of Study provides online meditation workshops, guidance, tools and inspiration for your meditation and creative practices.


Inspiration is drawn from ideas and practices both modern and ancient, from poetry, dance, art, music, writing, healing and science. Minerals, the elements, movement, and music all become important players in the journey.

When you create space in your body and in your life you can access the innate wisdom that is within you. This work is one of discovery, you are never told, but instead you are lead to discover and awaken your own internal wisdom for healing. Through this work you activate your capacity to physically, emotionally and spiritually create change in your life.

I believe that when a spiritual practice is visual, creative and thought provoking it is more effective. I believe in the importance of creating interdisciplinary spaces where diverse practices and interests can come together, collide and cross over. I look to design, creative ideas and art to inspire and expand our understanding of ourselves. I see creative and meditative practices as a reflection of who we are, while giving insight into how we live our lives and broadening our vision as to what is possible.

Rachel Lachowicz,  Sarah , 1993

Rachel Lachowicz, Sarah, 1993