Frequently Asked Questions...



What kind of meditation is done in the online workshops?

Breathwork, combined with the use of the energies of the four elements.


What if I have never meditated before?

Don’t worry - the great thing about breathwork is that you a pro your first time. There is an intro recording to teach you how to do the breathwork and set up your space.


What are Mini Sessions like?

These are available to you only if you are currently doing an Online Workshop. 30 min over Skype. They are for support and going deeper if you are having something specific come up in an Online Workshop. I will ask questions of a personal nature and use my intuition to help go deeper into what is trying to get your attention. Suggestions will be made for how to specifically support what is coming up for you, as well as an additional meditation using the elements, and custom mineral recommendations. I am not a therapist, and these sessions should not be used like a therapy session.  


Can I download the meditations from the Online Workshops?

No. The workshop meditations can not be downloaded. But, there will be single meditations available for download soon. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified.


When will you update your shop?

As soon as I can. Sign up for the newsletter, and stay tuned to Instagram to be notified. Things sell out fast.


What is this mineral?

Sorry, I don’t do mineral identifications. 


Where can I buy good quality minerals?

This is always a hard one. I am not a fan of most crystal shops. See if you can find a rock, gem, fossil or mineral club in your area that has fairs or shows. If you need to buy something in a metaphysical crystal shop or online, that is ok. Just make sure you clean and clear it really well. 


Refunds, etc...

There are NO returns on products, refunds for Online Workshops, or extensions given for more time to do the Online Workshops. 



I ship once a week, at the end of the week on Fridays. Your order will go out as soon as possible in this timeframe. 



I ocasionally am looking for an intern to help with orders or events. If you live in the LA area and you are interested in this please send me an email at