Winter Workshop



Under the Stillness

Pink opal, black tourmaline, ammonite, labradorite, hematite, and aventurine

Pink opal, black tourmaline, ammonite, labradorite, hematite, and aventurine


This meditation is very special. Over the last 5 meditations you have relaxed and opened various aspects of your physical and energetic body. It is only when we are grounded and open that we can tap into insights, truths and wisdom that are held in the body. You have been cleaning stuff away that can help you now listen to a deeper layer of yourself. 

This time of year is a magical one. But, often we can’t access that magic because we are so busy, and blocked with lots of stress, family dynamics, travel, etc… All of these things which take us away from the energy that is all around us during this special time of year. What we end up getting caught up in is actually the opposite of what this season is all about. If you think about how a bear hibernates in the winter, that is really the energy of winter. The body wants to slow down, to be more quiet, thoughtful, and listen. To pause before the energy of the New Year and of Spring.

This is a natural time of reflection, stillness, and a time to go inward. Todays meditation will use all of that seasonal magic to guide you to a place where you can feel for yourself what is possible under all of that stillness. 


Minerals - pink opal, ammonite, quartz with epidote, aventurine, labradorite 





You did it! be sure to celebrate all the hard work you put into this workshop. 


lauren king