Winter Workshop



The Aura

Minerals used this week to help you expand your aura - clear quartz, amethyst (including some amethyst stones that were my mother's), and labradorite. 

Minerals used this week to help you expand your aura - clear quartz, amethyst (including some amethyst stones that were my mother's), and labradorite. 


This meditation is all about relaxing your aura, and expanding it out so that it can radiate at its fullest dimension and intensity.

We have gone through many layers of the physical body: the mind, the heart, the organs and the skin. The path we have been traveling is both down and then out. Starting with the most base matter level of our consciousness (our minds - very limiting) and then going deeper and deeper into the body, and then expanding outwards to the most etheric level (our auras - very expansive). 

We started this workshop talking about the science of the breathwork and how it relaxes the body. But here is where we will dive deeper into the energetic effects of the breathwork and talk more about the unseen (oh! my favorite!). 

What is an aura? It is the electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5 feet (in a average healthy body). Just stop and think about that for a moment - the 4-5 feet circumference of your body, that is also a part of your body that you can’t see. Your aura is a direct reflection energetically of what is happening in your energy body, which includes effects from your emotions, thoughts, health, etc…

All matter has a vibration, this is the principle used when working with minerals, but it’s not just things found in nature, it’s your kitchen table, your cup of tea, and your body. The molecules, cells and atoms of our bodies all have a vibration which generates an electric pulse, and all of these tiny electric pulses create an electromagnetic field around our bodies, an aura. Which means that everything in this universe that is made of matter has an aura. Pretty cool. 

Enough science. 

Part of what is happening when you do the breathwork is that you are getting in touch with the unseen energy all around you. It’s helping you tune into the energy of your spirit and the energy of the universe. And perhaps even the energy of guides that are around you. Air energy, or breath, is a masculine energy - it’s the energy of spirt (while Earth energy, or the energy of your body, is a female energy, the energy of your soul. And we are made up of spirit and soul - the merging of these two energies in us is what creates our own wholeness - but that’s another workshop ;) . This is why breathwork is so expansive and clearing. It’s using the energy of Air, of your breath, to help you connect to spirit, and spirit is all about expanding and clearing energy. That is what it does best.

This meditation will help you tune in in a bigger way to your spirit - to help you use that energy to relax the body layer by layer and finally land you in a place to discover more about the unseen energy all around you - your vibration - your aura. 

Get ready to go on a journey!


Minerals - amethyst, clear quartz, labradorite, black tourmaline






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