Winter Workshop



The Heart

Minerals in the grid for helping to support the energies of the heart this week. 

Minerals in the grid for helping to support the energies of the heart this week. 


This meditation is all about relaxing the heart. There is a lot we could talk about when it comes to the heart, as it does so many amazing things, but for this week I wanted to focus just on helping it to relax.

The heart is made up of two main energies - the strength of heart and the receptive heart. Each of your hearts express these two energies in ways that are unique to you. And there is a flow of energy between these two halves, a continuous cycle of giving and receiving. This cycle can be off for many reasons, which are too nuanced to get into here. BUT! One of the things we can use the breathwork for is to help relax the heart, relax the outer shell we have placed over it so that the heart can have room to breathe and expand. 

This heart meditation is not about feeling into the emotions of the heart. Very often we over emotionalize the heart (especially in breathwork), or another way to put it is we feel the false heart. These emotions can keep us from the truth of the heart, which sometimes is the exact opposite of how we experience and think about the heart day to day. There is a lot of power in the heart, and it doesn’t need our protecting. So, this week we are going to go into it and see what new energy arises from letting it relax, to give it just a few minutes where it isn't being controlled or protected by our minds. The more you can relax today, and let go of expectations, ideas, assumptions, and just follow the energy that reveals itself to you the better.


Minerals - kunzite, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, danburite, pink tourmaline, hematite

Note: I know this recording recorded my voice a little lower - just hang in there - I will make sure this doesn’t happen in the future. 




If you got emotional while breathing that is ok - please share about it in the comments and I can do what I can to help you navigate. Remember - there is no wrong experience - don't judge anything that happens during these meditations - it's all just information.

After the meditation reflect on what you feel, what comes up, what is new, what you might not have known about your heart before, what the gift of allowing it to have more space is, what is revealed about your particular heart when it is relaxed, etc…


lauren king