the grounded self workshop



The Grounded Sexual Organs

This meditation is focused on grounding the sexual organs. It is in this part of the body where we hold our personal power, our wound and our soul. What happens when you drop into that place?



Music: Li Sun, Judith Tripp / Sequent C, Tangerine Dream / Pagan, Michale Sterns / St. Francis, Michale Sterns / meditation bowls


Write down the phrase or word that came to you.

“What does being grounded give to your hips?”


Use whatever symbol or image that came to you to help bring you back to this place of groundedness. When you are out in the world and feel yourself getting ungrounded, bring this image to mind to help reconnect you to yourself and the power you hold in this part of your body. 


Share your experience with the group, or ask questions. To comment please click the number at the top of this post.



Raoul Ubac: Hand and stone, 1932

Raoul Ubac: Hand and stone, 1932

lauren king