the grounded self workshop



The Grounded Self

What does it mean to be grounded?

Why is it so important?

You are about to find out…



Music: Lights in the Sky, Peter Gregson / Falling, Peter Gregson / Stay In the Dark, Lambert / This Place Is a Shelter, Ólafur Arnalds / Dream 13, Max Richter / Consolation, Jon Brion 


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I hope you have been keeping track of what you came up with each meditation. Look at those answers together to create a whole picture of what your definition of what it means to be grounded is. 

Keep using these meditations and all the tools and information you now have. Notice how you feel in the world. And how you might be reacting to yourself and others differently. Your ability to be grounded in your body in your experience, no matter what it is, has a deep impact on your life and those who you encounter. 




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Thank you so much!



Edward Weston

Edward Weston

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