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The Voice of Your Intuition 

We all have intuition. And most of the time we use our intuition we don’t even know it. It’s that connected in us, that natural for us. Intuition can come to you in many forms, and each one of us has one of these that is more dominate. Some have the gift of clairaudience, which means that you have the ability to perceive and hear things, this is also connected to the throat in a big way. Some have the gift of being clairvoyant, which is the ability to tap into your intuition more from what you can see beyond what is literal. And there is also the gift of being clairsentient, which is the ability to sense and feel into others energies and emotional state. And you might have a little of all of these. If you think back over the last few days which sense did you use most during the meditation, your hearing, your vision, or you feelings? The best way to strengthen your intuition is not just to listen to what comes to you but to act on it. This is the most important part. And the more you act on the messages your intuition is sending you the stronger and stronger it will get. If you want to really strengthen it, then act on the intuitions you get that your mind can’t make sense of. The more you don’t know, and the more you trust and act anyway it will strengthen it ten fold. If you don’t listen it will dull it.

You will do a little exercise at the beginning of the meditation today to help get the mind out of the way. Most people have a hard time discerning between the voice of their mind and the voice of their intuition. This is a practice and it takes time to develop. The more you listen to it the more you will learn to tell the difference between the voice of your intuition and any other voice that is coming from your mind. 

During today's meditation you will really open yourself up and see what comes to you. And notice which sense your intuition uses the most to communicate with you.

Minerals: amethyst, aquamarine




You have one bit of homework today. As your first act of really working with your intuition and learning to strengthen it, whatever message or revelation or visualization or feeling that came to you while doing the breathwork you must act on it. Whatever that means. If you got an idea, or if a conversation came to mind you need to have, if you heard a message about a certain direction you should go with work or where you are living - you have to act on it. Even if it means not using the mind to undo it. This is how you honor the gift of your intuition and the wisdom it holds. And like I said, if it doesn’t make sense that’s great! Honor the wisdom of your intuition over the wisdom of your mind by doing it anyway. 


Where to go from here

Discovering your voice takes time. Clearing energy and blocks to get in touch with the power it has is a journey. With this workshop you have had a variety of experiences of not only surfacing what blocks are in your throat but also seeing the gifts you hold there, and the different ways you can tap into other energies in the body that are connected to the throat. Use each meditation like a tool. There might be a time where you need to communicate and your voice needs to be grounded (this is great if you have nerves around speaking). There might be a time when your words need to hold the energy of your heart more. Etc. Like everything, this is a muscle you must learn strengthen.

As a little bonus my friend Alexis Smart who works with flower remedies is going to contribute some good flower remedies for the voice. That post will go up tomorrow, along with some other tools, so check back to read all about some more tools to support the healing and opening of your throat!


Congrats! You did it! Do something to celebrate!

lauren king