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Flower Remedies

My dear friend Alexis Smart is a flower remedy genius. No joke. I asked her to contribute some good remedies and info to help open your throat, and strengthen your voice and expression. If you want to get a remedy I highly recommend them! You can find them all on her website

AGRIMONY : this is for people who just want peace and are disturbed by conflict. they are so sensitive they would rather say nothing than experience disharmony. they can suppress feelings and not speak their truth. they may lie to themselves even..but their body will express what they cannot and they will often get physical symptoms like a rash or a stomach ache when they are bothered by something emotionally. Agrimony helps with emotional honestly and allows you to communicate fearlessly and freely. *In my formula Peaceful Worrier

LARCH : this is for confidence. it helps when you have self-doubt, fear failure and you may compare yourself to others. your desire for perfection doesn’t allow you to take risks or to speak confidently. this remedy is good for expression of all kinds, both vocally and in the written word. teaches you to see life as an adventure and not hold yourself back. *In my formulas: Beauty Formula no. 7 (this is a favorite of LSK's) and Ganesh

CHERRY PLUM : this remedy is usually prescribed for fear of losing control, fear of hurting yourself or others, so it is not something you would think you need, as it sound pretty intense...but there is a more subtle expression of cherry plum, where internally you may be holding so much in, feelings you don’t think are appropriate, usually anger. the pressure inside builds up and it may feel there is no outlet. there can be a lump in the throat and a pent up feeling…taking cherry plum, it feels as if a tourniquet is removed,  allowing the relief of tension and a free flow of energy to return, wherever you may be blocked. *In my formulas Brain Drops and Unburden

WATER VIOLET : for reserved people who don’t like to reveal much. it is not shyness but a private nature. water violet will help you open up and share your elf with others as well as appreciate others. sometimes there can be a stiff neck or inability to cry, so it can help release grief. *In my formulas: Sunshine, Unburden and Wallflower

MIMULUS : this is for nervousness, shyness and self-consciousness. for everyday fears. you may blush when you speak, stammer or have stage fright leading to a nervous stomach or any nervous disorder. mimulus gives courage to be bold and  express yourself. paired with larch it is excellent for social anxiety and stage fright. *In my formulas Peaceful Worrier, Safe and Sound and Wallflower



Over the past six years I have been a part of a weekly writers group. It has done more than make me a better writer, it has also strengthened my voice. Over time I have seen how it has made me more confidant speaking in front of groups, as a teacher, even giving toasts at weddings. HA! If this is of interest to you I urge you to find a writers group that nurtures your voice more than it does your writing. 



At times I hold a lot of stress in my jaw. I think jaw tension can be many things, not just stress, but it can also pop up when we are holding back and holding something in that wants to be expressed. When this happens I love using my jade face roller to help release some of this tension (it also has a lot of lovely benefits for your skin as well).



"A Short History of Silence" is an incredible essay written by Rebecca Solnit. You can read an excerpt here, find the full essay in her book "The Mother of All Questions" (also amazing).


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