discovering your voice workshop



The Voice of Creativity  

Creative energy can be drawn from various places, for some people it’s more cerebral, for some more cosmic, it can be purely from emotion, and for others more passionate and fiery. But no matter where it is sourced from it all results in some form of expression. Learning to work with your own creativity can be a spiritual journey in itself. There are so many energies at play, and one of your main jobs is to learn to get out of the way so that creativity can come through you, to work to move all the noise out of the way so you can hear those voices, see those visions of creation, and feel the impulses that drive you to create. I think all creative people encounter resistance which can come in many forms. As a creative person you are always working along side of that resistance, and part of learning to be creative person, an artist, a writer, an actor, etc… is learning to push beyond that resistance and not let it stop you. You can not expect or wait for that critical voice to disappear, but rather learn how to out create it, to finish the writing project, or start the painting, whatever it is that is waiting in you to be expressed. And I guarantee you that the more resistance you have to starting a creative project, or finishing one, the more what you have to say is important. 

Today we are going to try to clear away some of the energies that block your creative flow so you can have an experience of being open to all of the creative energy the universe wants to bring to you.

What are you ready to express?

Minerals : any mineral you are drawn to, labradorite, lapis, carnelian

Today you will need : a notebook, journal, paper, pen OR medium to large drawing pad / paper, pastel, charcoal, or large marker.




Like all of these days, this is really a practice. But you can use this meditation like a tool in your creative practice. Do it before you sit down to write, if you have writers block, before you go into the studio to create, etc… Let it be something that both helps you clear away any energy that is stopping you and holding you back, and also a way to open yourself up to allowing creative visions and ideas to come to you. 


lauren king