discovering your voice workshop



The Voice of the Heart

We hear it all the time, people saying, “Just speak from your heart”, like it’s so easy. But no one tells you how to do that. What does that really mean to be speaking from the heart? Today you will dive into the energies of your own heart, and have an experience of listening to the voice of your heart. How would your life be different if you could clearly say what you really felt in your heart in every moment? How could difficult conversations be easier if your heart was included in your every word? How would people really have the opportunity to hear you if you included more of your heart when talking to them? How would you communicate to yourself, to others, and even in your work, if you were including the voice that is within your heart?

Minerals: kunzite, malachite, rose quartz, chrysocolla with malachite



Take some time after this meditation and do some writing or some voice to voice / face to face sharing from your heart with someone.


lauren king