the grounded self workshop



The Grounded Heart

This meditation is about grounding the heart and allowing the energy of the Earth to weave itself through all the parts of the heart. It is time to discover what it means to have a grounded heart.


Music: As Much as Possible, Bing & Ruth / Big Hollow, Julianna Barwick / Ode, Nils Frahm / Dream 3, Max Richter / Me, Nils Frahm


Write down the phrase or word that came to you.

“What does being grounded give to your heart?”

“When you are grounded what does it allow your heart to do or be?”


Share your experience with the group, or ask questions. To comment please click the number at the top of this post.



Susumu Koshimizu, " Paper (formerly Paper 2)".  1969/2012

Susumu Koshimizu, "Paper (formerly Paper 2)". 1969/2012

Susumu Koshimizu, " Paper",  1969

Susumu Koshimizu, "Paper", 1969

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