discovering your voice workshop




I am so excited for this online workshop. It is one I have been wanting to do for a while and was inspired by all the amazing and brave students I have week after week in my breathwork class. I have been noticing over the last five or so months that so many students are struggling with clearing stuck energy from their throats. And I really wanted to create a place to go deeper into both clearing this energy, but more than that a place to discover what that energy is and the power and gifts that emerge when old stuff is cleared out. 

The great thing about breathwork is that it is a tool to help clear all stuck energy in the body. So it’s perfect for clearing any energy that is stuck in the throat. Our relationship with our throat, and ultimately with our voice, is a complicated one. Every person I know has some specific issue around expression, speaking up, being clear, saying what they mean, staying connected to their hearts during confrontation, bypassing the ego and expressing their truth, having the confidence to create and express themselves… and on and on. 

During the next seven days you will go deeper than just understanding on a mental level why all of these blocks are there. I am more interested in helping you connect to various energies in the body that can empower your voice. These seven days won’t be full of answers I provide for you, but answers you will discover for yourself. What I have created is a series of meditations where you will bypass the mind and connect to your spirit and body. From this place you will have guidance to discover anything you are ready and willing to uncover about your voice, both what blocks it has, and also the experience of tapping into the potential, clarity, heart, strength, and truth that it is capable of.

Also, if you are starting on the 19th you will be doing this workshop with the energy of the two eclipses. These two eclipse create a really powerful portal of energy that can be accessed for healing beyond this literal reality and this lifetime. You might already be feeling things are extra intense, don’t be surprised if the meditations are extra intense as well. Also, don't misinterpret this intensity and mislabel it, for instance thinking that because things are hard that you aren’t doing well, or that you are moving backwards. What it really means is that you have access to energy that can change and break patterns you have had for lifetimes. Use it! Breakdowns make room for breakthroughs.


How this works

Take some time today to listen to the intro recordings. If you have never done the breathwork before listen to the recording on how to do the breathwork. In there you will also find information on how to set up your space! Each meditation is be around 20-30 min, so plan on that amount of time in your day.

I want to strongly encourage you to use the comment section (you can find the button to comment at the TOP of each post) - please check in, let us know how you are doing and ask questions. And don’t be afraid to respond to other peoples sharing and questions. This is one of the most powerful aspects of this on-line format. Sharing is caring. Sharing is powerful. It is what will help weave the energy of this community together. We have people from all over the world doing this together. Share your wisdom with each other. And read each others sharing and questions, it might answer some of your own questions and help you see that others are having similar experiences. You are not in this alone, so make yourself known. Looking forward to hearing from you and hearing about what you discover about your voice!


lauren king