discovering your voice workshop



The Voice of Truth, The Voice of the Self

Let’s ease into things. Today is about doing a little check in with your voice, and learning how to get your ego out of the way. When I say ego I don’t mean egocentric. Our egos are made of and formed by the experiences we have had in our lives. We need them. They are not something to get rid of, but at times they can inform us in a way that isn’t helpful and keep us stuck in the past. The ego is where we most often come from in our life - it is the part of us that for the most part is reacting to experiences (from the known, or from the perspective of past experiences). We also want to check in with what is actually happening with your throat and voice - not what you think is happening there (this preconceived idea is formed by the ego). I want you to feel into what you don’t yet know about your throat and your voice. See if you can uncover something new.

You will do a little exercise before you lay down to breathe that will help that energy of the ego not be so centralized in your body, running the show, so that you can access other energies that will allow you to respond instead of react to events and people. This way you can get in touch with other energies that are more in line with the truth of your soul, and not as much with the truth of what has happened to you (your ego). This will allow you to not only feel more empowered, but it allows you to have an experience of expressing more from the deeper truth of who you are.

Minerals: black tourmaline, chrysocolla



Feel free to practice the exercise you did in the beginning. It is one I give to a lot of clients. You can do it every day, it only takes a min. And the more you practice the more you will learn to not always be reacting from the ego. This can be a helpful tool to do before you respond to a tough email, make a phone call or have a conversation that feels challenging or difficult. You want to learn to get out of your own way (or, the way of your ego), so the deeper truth of who you are, and what you feel can be the one doing the talking. Don’t react, respond. 

Take some time to write about your experience today.


lauren king