authentic heart workshop


Authentic Heart Workshop


What if you could live your life every day from the truth that is in your heart? What if your heart had a voice, what would it say? What does it mean to have an open heart? What if you didn’t control the heart, how could it be more free? Where do you hold the power of your heart in your body? What if you could tap into the wisdom of your heart in every moment?

Get ready to let go of everything you thought your heart was about, and open yourself up to what your heart is ready to become.

These seven meditations are created to be a space of discovery. I am never interested in telling you the answers, but what I am interested in is creating a space where you get to go on a journey and uncover a deeper truth about who you are. This might mean at times you don’t have any answers at all (and this can be more aligned with the truth than if you did have an answer that was created from a false place). It might mean you bump up against emotions. It might be uncomfortable. But, I promise you it will be freeing. By the end something in you will have shifted.

My intention is to help guide you to a place of deeper wisdom in yourself. And this workshop could be just the beginning for you. All of this is really a practice. You will walk away with experiences and tools to help you show up in life with the authenticity of your heart. And by the end of the workshop you will have a clearer picture about what the heart is capable of and what makes your heart special. 

"Vase de Fleurs" , Henri Fantin-Latour, 1876

"Vase de Fleurs", Henri Fantin-Latour, 1876

Each meditation is designed to guide you to a place where you will do some discovering. There will be some info to read before each meditation, and then a 20 min meditation to do in your own time. Each one builds on the last, so please do them in order. You can do them one time, or repeat them a few times. You can do these fast, one every day for 7 days, or spread it out with one every week for 7 weeks. It is totally up to you. But stick with it, because there is a pay off at the end where it all comes together, and completion has a pay off energy of it’s own. And I will state the obvious, that the more times you do them, the bigger change you will notice in your life.

I will be using minerals in every recording, and talking about them in the first meditation. If you want to work with them while you meditate they can be great tool! Holding two minerals while you do the breathwork is a great way to work with their energy and stay grounded in your body. Trust your intuition on which ones are right for you. Some of the ones I will be working with are for the heart specifically: rose quartz, kunzite, malachite, danburite, rhodochrosite and emerald. You don’t need minerals or crystals. Me working with them and talking about them will activate the energy in you. But if you have them - great! Use em’!

Take some time today to listen to the intro recording at the end of this post. If you have never done the breathwork before listen to the part on how to do the breathwork. It is easy to learn. In there you will also find information on how to set up your space so you will be all set to go.

I want to strongly encourage you to use the comment section - please check in, let us know how you are doing and ask questions. Sharing is caring. Sharing is powerful. It is what will help weave the energy of this community together and hold space for the group as a whole. We have people from all over the world doing this together. Share your wisdom with each other. And read each others insights and questions, it might answer some of your own and help you see that others are having similar experiences. You are not in this alone, so make yourself known. 


If you are coming up against some stuff and need help or support navigating it you can book a Mini Session with me. 30 min for $50, on Skype (this is a lot of bang for your buck!). This can be a great way to go a little deeper with anything you feel needs more attention, especially with this workshop because it is about the heart - so lots of emotions could come up, and I wouldn’t want those to block you from getting in touch with the power of your heart. If you would like to set up a session, email me here.

I am so looking forward to hearing from you and hearing about what you discover about your amazing heart!



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