authentic heart workshop


Authentic Heart Workshop gird.

Authentic Heart Workshop gird.


If you are interested in minerals and how they can be a tool for you continue… if you are not then you can skip this part and move on to the first breathwork meditation. 


I will start off by saying what I say to everyone who comes to me for mineral information and advice - You know more about minerals than you think you do. 

Everything in our world is made of energy, seen and unseen. And everything carries a certain vibration, when two of the same vibrations encounter each other, they resonate. This principal of resonance underlies how minerals have a healing effect on us, they raise our vibration back to its purest and truest level. They function like a tuning fork for our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies. They aren’t giving us anything we don’t already have — rather, they are helping us as energetic beings to vibrate to our highest, most divine and whole selves. 

Because minerals work on the simple principal of resonance you will be drawn to the mineral you need, there is a mineral out there right now that is calling to you. You will feel it resonate with you. So trust yourself. 

If you would like to figure out what that mineral is and use it during this workshop to support the growth of your heart you can do the following meditation. It doesn’t have to be one that is typical for the energy for the heart. So don’t get stuck on that. 

Don’t look ahead to where I talk about the minerals I am using for the workshop yet ;) Do the meditation first. The more your mind doesn’t know the more accurate your answer will be.



Take a minute to write down what came to you, or draw anything you saw. You might have seen a specific mineral that you can go out and find. Or a visual might have come to you that is a metaphor that you can unpack (like you would a dream), and you can find a mineral with these same attributes, or that evoke the same feeling in you.

You can do the meditations with this mineral, have it near you throughout the day, place it on your desk or altar, put it under your pillow to dream with (so long as they are not very energizing minerals like pyrite or moldavite) - just be around it.

It’s all vibration - that’s how these meditation work, the vibration of my voice records into my microphone, and then out of your speaker into your ears. The recordings hold the vibration of the minerals I use when I record them as well as MY OWN vibration. As you breathe oxygen during the breathwork it gets your energy moving and tunes you into the vibration of your body, creating an opening so you can drop deeper into the self. It’s all vibration. 


Here are some of the minerals I am using for the workshop to support you and your heart.



Sometimes known as the stone of “love and balance”, rhodochrosite is a master at helping you reclaim parts of your heart and of the self that have been lost or that you might have given up because of past traumas or wounding. It helps you to rediscover the wisdom of your heart and it’s wholeness. It’s tender, comforting, soothing and joyous. It helps you own what makes your heart special, while not denying where there still needs to be growth and healing, ultimately balancing the male and female energies within. It allows you to be in service and connection to something greater. It encompasses “the presence of heavenly energies filled with the golden sphere of light; it assists in creating new worlds for the user. Worlds filled with love and dreams.” 


In ancient Rome emerald was used for fertility and was associated with the goddess of Venus, which tells us that it is a wonderful mineral for abundance and opening us to the depth and power of our hearts. Emerald helps you to connect to the greater wisdom of the heart. While it soothes the emotions it can also allow the heart to be more active and courageous. Helping you to see that abundance is not outside of you, but what you discover on the inner journey, it is on this path of the unknown that will lead you to fulfillment. This stone is heavily related to the myth of reclaiming the Holy Grail. It brings out the qualities of the heart that are pure, sensitive, loyal, intelligent and that have integrity. Keeps you centered on your lifes work while living and acting from the heart. Good for anyone who is ready to step into the next level wisdom of the heart, for courage, nourishing the whole heart (the active and receptive halves), focus, gentleness, fulfillment, integrity, love, abundance of the self. Funny enough it can assist in maintaining the rhythmic breathing to allow you to drop deeper into the meditative state.


This is possibly the most important stone of our time. Don’t dismiss it because of its popularity or abundance, those two things are signs of how much it is needed on the planet, as there is so much healing it can do. We should all be working with this stone. It embodies the energy of an open-heart: at ease, in oneness, compassionate, and connected. It is not only a much needed stone for us because it helps us heal the wounds of the past, but also because it helps us move into the energy of the future and where we are evolving as a species and the harmonious relationship we need to have with each other and the planet. Perfect for healing wounds of the heart, nurturing self love, forgiveness, and the release of tension and stress.


It helps reawaken the magic of the heart, the magic of love! It has a more divine, joyful and radiant quality about it, it has a lighter energy than Rose Quartz, moving energy more quickly in the body. It’s helpful for healing heartbreak, or heartache, its energy allows you to let go of the wounds, grief and sadness from these relationships more willingly. It’s sometimes called the Woman’s stone, and is good for anyone in need of cultivating mothering energy in their lives. Especially good for young or first time mothers. It promotes calm and caring energy that has its origins in the heart.


This is one of the oldest known stones. Because of it's absorbing properties it is a wonderful stone for drawing out stuck energy. It's a great stone for clearing any kind of blocks in the body, but especially deep emotions that are stuck in the body, emotions that have been pushed down into our bellies and hips to deal with later. It assists in releasing these emotions while letting them pass through the heart, infusing them with compassion, forgiveness, and non-judgment.


 A stone of the Divine. This is a wonderful stone to help you connect to spirit and channel all of the joy, light and loveliness that is found in that realm. It is a stone of sweetness and grace. It is also a great stone for bringing a sense of inner peace to the heart and body, allowing the energy of the heart to radiate outwards to be seen. With this stone you will glow!



I also added in some pieced of RUTILATED QUARTZ that were my mum's. Not sure why (since they aren't a traditional stone for the heart), but they kept jumping out at me when I was gathering things for the grid. So I just trusted that and went with it! I also always make sure to used HEMATITE for grounding, very important in meditation work. And some BLACK TOURMALINE, also very important for any kind of clearing or spiritual work for protection. 



I also love Alexis Smarts Flower Remedies. I can't recommend them enough - I am always directing clients to them as additional support for this work. I use them religiously in my own life and they have helped support me so much. She has a great range of remedies that all have to do with the HEART - you can find them here. I highly suggest finding the one that resonates with you as an extra tool while you go through this workshop. They take about 2 weeks to really feel the full effect, but the results are incredible. And they also really address emotional issues, some we won't get to specifically in this workshop like grief and heartbreak.  

lauren king