the grounded self workshop



The Grounded Self Workshop


What does it mean to be grounded?

Why is it so important?

Ask yourself these two questions. Write your answers down as a reference point to compare to what you will discover from your own internal wisdom during the course of this workshop. 

This workshop is the most foundational and important workshops I offer. During the next two months you will go on a journey where you will discover what being grounded truly means. This discovery will be through experiences instead of an intellectual understanding. During the process you will uncover new energies, new perspectives, new feelings, new places in yourself that you didn’t know were there.

Although you will uncover the specifics of what being grounded gives to your unique soul and spirit, there are a few universal truths when it comes to the energy of grounding. Being grounded means being connected to your body, and therefor the wisdom that it holds. It is a connection to the universal body which is our earth and the power within it. Being connected to the body means being connected to all that it holds, all feelings and wisdom, the light the dark, the seen and unseen. To be fully grounded in the body is the willingness to experience all of your experience. To not suppress, control or avoid any of what you are feeling. 

Being grounded and connected to your own body, wisdom, energy is also important when you are around other people. It is easy to get ungrounded by someone else energy. But, how are you to know the energy of another if you do not first know your own?

There might be times during this workshop where you don’t have any answers at all, but this could be more aligned with the truth than if you had an answer that was created from a false place. There will be times when you will be learning to surrender to your experience of not knowing, just as you would accept the moments of opening, connection, and deep understanding. Part of what we will be working with is to create a container so that you have the space and willingness to experience whatever it is that is coming up for you. It might mean you bump up against emotions. It might mean you are uncomfortable. Whatever it is, I promise you it will be freeing. By the end something in you will have shifted.

You will be guided to a place in yourself where you can mine the deep wisdom that you hold, and will walk away with experiences and tools to help you show up in life more grounded and therefore more authentic and open.



Altar for the workshop. This grid holds the energy of your grounded body. All of the recorded meditations hold it's energy - so this will also be a grid that effects you and holds space for you as you do the meditations.

Altar for the workshop. This grid holds the energy of your grounded body. All of the recorded meditations hold it's energy - so this will also be a grid that effects you and holds space for you as you do the meditations.


How this works…

You asked for it, you got it. For this workshop you will notice there is a lot more information before you start the meditation section (It pays to fill out the surveys after the meditations, you want it, you usually get it ;). Each meditation is designed to guide you to a place where you will do your own discovering. Each one builds on the last, so please do them in order. You can do them one time, or repeat them a few times. You can do these fast, one every day for 7 days, or spread it out with one every week for 7 weeks. It is totally up to you. But stick with it, because there is a pay off at the end where it all comes together, and completion has a pay off energy of it’s own. 

And I will state the obvious, that the more times you do them, the bigger change you will notice in your life. It really is a practice. It’s about learning to build something over time. The experiences in themselves are powerful, but you have to stick with it. It’s like taking care of a plant. You can’t expect to just water it just one time.

Mark on your calendar when your two months access is up! There are no extensions if you didn’t finish in time. So make sure you know how long you have so that you can get through everything. :)

I will be using minerals in every recording, me working with them and talking about them will activate the energy in you. I will also give a list of grounding minerals in the following section. Holding two minerals while you do the breathwork is a great way to work with their energy and stay grounded in your body. I usually say you don’t need any minerals, but for this workshop I am going to suggest you have 2. I don’t care if they are two rocks from the beach or the desert, use em! Because this is about grounding they will only help you. Use your intuition for which ones you will need.

Take some time today to listen to the intro recording at the end of this post. If you have never done the breathwork before listen to the part on how to do the breathwork. It is easy to learn. In there you will also find information on how to set up your space.

I want to strongly encourage you to use the comment section - please check in, let us know how you are doing and ask questions. Sharing is caring. Sharing is powerful. It is what will help weave the energy of this community together and hold space for the group as a whole. We have people from all over the world doing this. Share your wisdom with each other. And read each others insights and questions, it might answer some of your own and help you see that others are having similar experiences. You are not in this alone, so make yourself known. 

If you are coming up against some stuff and need help or support navigating it you can book a Mini Session with me. 40 min for $75, on Skype (this is a lot of bang for your buck!). This can be a great way to go a little deeper with anything you feel needs more attention. If you would like to set up a session, email me here.

I am so looking forward to hearing from you and hearing about what you discover!






Robert Smithson, "Nonsite" (Essen Soil and Mirrors), 1969

Robert Smithson, "Nonsite" (Essen Soil and Mirrors), 1969

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