This beautiful mineral is the real deal. A lot of citrine on the market is actually heat treated amethyst, but not this one. Citrine activates, opens and energizes the solar plexus, inviting us to get in touch with our creativity, personal power and the vital life force that enhances and nourishes the physical body. This mineral brings comfort and optimism and is good for calming any kinds of fear that have to do with survival. It also helps heal any wounds around abuse of power or the feeling of being powerless. It clears any “muddy” energy in the body, helping you to see the bright side, and look ahead to new beginnings with clarity. It allows you to have a clear mind that is connected to the power of the body, opening doors for you so that what you envision can become a reality, and giving you the stamina you need to take action in the world. 

Optimism. Clarity. Action. 

All minerals have been cleaned under the Flower Full Moon and charged in the sun. They are ready for you and your home. 

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