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Good Points, Bad Points

Let’s talk a little about minerals that have been tumbled or whose points have been polished. I tend to only work with minerals in their raw form when I can find them. Polished and cut stones in certain shapes can be helpful for some kinds of work. See previous lesson - “Directing Energy with Minerals”. If you are shopping for minerals like quartz, amethyst, citrine, etc. Pay close attention to the tips. If they are medium to large, most of the time they have been polished down to have a perfect point, which can look really “pretty” but isn’t as powerful. Many of the minerals with points out there right now have been cut and polished to look more “perfect”, but cutting the mineral like this really harms it and cuts away valuable things that are found on the surface. It’s a little like cutting off a limb or taking an electric sander to your face. The mineral doesn’t like it, and you shouldn’t either. You can usually tell if it has been polished down because the surface is extra smooth, like the surface of glass. Avoid minerals like this. If you run your finger along the surface or hold it in just the right light you should be able to feel and see small grooves. Sometimes they look like parallel lines along the sides of the crystal, and on the surface of the point they can look like little chevron or triangle shapes. These are metaphysical “doorways” that hold a lot of information and power. You want to preserve this information. Otherwise what’s the point (pun intended)? 


Yes, please

This is a natural amethyst point.

You can see the fine ridges which form as it grows over thousands and millions of years. The surface holds lots of metaphysical information.


No thanks

These are cut and polished.

Their sides are smooth - like glass - all the sides look more perfect and symmetrical. They tend to all look like each other. They are still effective minerals, but not quite as vibrant.

I avoid these because they aren’t as powerful and natural but also because I don’t want to support this practice.