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The Voice and the Second Chakra

The second chakra is one of the most important energies that effect the throat. As you know the second chakra (chakras are energy centers in the body) has to do with sexual energy, power, and creativity. It is the energy we have the most judgment around, resistance to, fear of. And all of that really reflects in our relationship to our voice. Today you will have a chance to feel into that energy and see if you can feel how it effects your throat and your ability to express. A lot of blocks in the throat come from blocks in the second chakra. This might be one of your hardest days, it’s ok if you have a lot of resistance to breathing today. Know that that resistance is coming from an energy that doesn’t want you to get to the power that lies in your second chakra. It’s not you that is resisting, it is just a part of you. 

Minerals: aragonite, carnelian, creedite, vanadinite



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lauren king