under your feet


 Minerals Under Your Feet


Just as we are affected by the weather, the stars and cycles of the moon, we are also energetically affected by the minerals and geology beneath our feet. Minerals aren’t just objects we collect and use in our lives for healing but they are literally within the earth on which we walk. Throughout history, sacred sites as well as some cities have been constructed on top of earth and rock that have a high level of certain minerals. Our ancestors knew how to tune into the landscape and the vibration of the earth, and harness the power of the land. 

Although there are many complex factors that attribute to what gives a given place its power, sacred sites all have very specific minerals in their locations that affect the way we feel and influenced rituals that were developed and performed there. The ancient healing site of Lourdes in France, with its high level of quartz is one example of this. A number of sacred sites are situated at tectonic plate junctions, which is the joining point of two different underground geological landscapes. These create a portal between two worlds, either on earth or between earth and another etheric realm. Some sites even include powerful rock with minerals and rock from other locations, as in the case of the Great Pyramid in Egypt with its walls lined in Pink Aswan granite, or the large rocks made of Bluestone that was brought all the way from Wales (an enormous distance during the Neolithic time period) to create the structures of Stonehenge in England. 

There is much new discovery about the geology of sacred sites, linking science to the metaphysical and spiritual world. This is something to think about as we move around and travel this earth. It is possible and probable that in different locations, we are being affected by the minerals beneath our feet.