Sometimes stones break, either by breaking apart on their own or they sometimes break after an accidental drop. Let this be ok. A breaking apart is a way for them to release energy that has built up and has become too much for it to hold, and by breaking, the mineral releases that energy. Although it is often difficult when something we cherish breaks, know that it’s just a way that the mineral is taking care of itself. And it’s another reason to be cleaning and clearing them regularly. If your stone breaks while you are using or holding it ask yourself what you were thinking about right before or during that moment. Finally, sometimes we can “lose” our minerals. Again, let this be ok. Getting “lost” is just a sign that its work with you is done and it’s ready to move on to someone else. This can also be true if you feel you need to give a mineral of your own away, perhaps to a friend or someone you feel might need it. Minerals are here to help us, and they go where they are needed. Allow your stone to have its own journey.