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One 2 Three 


Trisha Brown: Group Primary Accumulation (1970)

Trisha Brown: Group Primary Accumulation (1970)


Being grounded means being connected to your body, and therefore the wisdom that it holds. It is a connection to the universal body which is our earth and the power within it. Being connected to the body means being connected to all that it holds, all feelings and wisdom, the light the dark, the seen and unseen. To be fully grounded in the body is the willingness to experience all of your experience. To not suppress, control or avoid any of what you are feeling.

Music: “Infinite Overtones”, Dr. James Hopkins


ONE - 11/18

Constantin Brancusi, Princesse X, 1915

Constantin Brancusi, Princesse X, 1915


No matter if you are male or female we are all made of both masculine and feminine energy. This meditation uses the Sun (masculine) and the Earth (feminine) to balance these energies within the body. One to be done seated, or standing, this is a great daily meditation to help you relax, connect and find balance.

Music: “Blue Spirals”, Daniel Kobialka


TWO - 12/18

Mark Rothko - Rothko Chapel

Mark Rothko - Rothko Chapel


From the Romans to the Japanese, violet has long been a color that symbolizes opulence, and a sign of royalty, majesty, and specialness. Worn by the Virgin Mary in Byzantine paintings and by the women of the Pre-Raphaelite paintings, to Kings and Queens of Europe. As a pigment it has been collected from the roots of plants to sea snails, from mulberries and grapes. Its earliest uses have been traced to some cave paintings, where pigments were made from manganese and hematite. As light, it is has the shortest wavelength in the spectrum and in Buddhism it is the color associated with the crown chakra. Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that you can increase the power of meditation ten-fold by meditating under the gentle waves of violet light. As an idea, violet has always been linked to the radical. It saw a surge in the paintings of the Impressionists. It took the art world by storm, people were convinced the artists had gone mad using this color so copiously in their landscapes, birthing a new condition called “violettomania.” It was Edouard Manet in 1881 who announced to friends that he had finally discovered the true color of the atmosphere, “It is violet. Fresh air is violet. Three years from now, the whole world will work in violet.”

Meditate with violet light. 

Music: Crystal Bowls by Deborah Van Dyke


THREE - 1/19

Roman pottery shards

Roman pottery shards


In this meditation you will use the body and its movements to break habitual patterns in your life. Our lives are run entirely by our subconscious, and the body can uncover and express what is under the surface. Allowing your body to move while interrupting any habitual movement patterns will begin to break the cycle. It is not our minds that can do this, it is only through our bodies that we free ourselves.

This meditation is short, and one that you can easily do daily for maximum impact.


FOUR - 2/19