New Years

Days of Heaven (1978) dir. Terrence Malick

Days of Heaven (1978) dir. Terrence Malick


New Year Meditation


Cross the threshold of energy with openness and welcome in this new year with a sense of wonder and curiosity. With this guided breathwork meditation you will use your breath, your body, and your inner eye to open the energy of your body and discover what is coming your way in the new year. 

This meditation is not about resolutions, thoughts, intentions or making lists. But rather opening yourself to what is possible that is beyond anything you could imagine. This meditation can be done as a New Year's ritual, and can be used continuously in the new year. The more you practice it the more you will cultivate an openness within, allowing for heightened intuition and space to see things clearly, inviting new energy into your life.  

If you haven’t done breathwork before please listen to the short intro recording.


This meditation will be up until the end of January to use as many times as you like.