minerals for grief


Minerals for Grief 



This stone is dear to me, as it was one that a friend gave to me after my mother died, and it really became a sign to start to work more closely with minerals. Apache Tears is a kind of obsidian found in the south-western USA. The legend goes that the Apache men were being pursued by the Calvary, and although they bravely attempted to fight them off, they found themselves outnumbered and cornered near a cliff. They decided together to jump to their deaths to escape being captured. When word got back the women of the Apache tribe fell to the earth and sobbed. It is believed that their tears were embedded in the earth. When you hold this type of obsidian up to the light you can see small drops of lighter, more clear areas. This stone is very grounding and brings strong emotional healing and comfort to those who are grieving.



This is possibly the most important stone of our time. Don’t dismiss it because of it’s popularity or abundance, those are signs of how much it is needed on the planet, as there is so much healing it can do. It embodies the energy of an open-heart: at ease, in oneness, compassionate, and connected. Perfect for healing wounds of the heart, nurturing self love, forgiveness, and the release of tension and stress. This is such an important stone to work with during grief, as there is so much emotion to process, and heart healing and opening that grief can bring.



Hematite aids in grounding us into our bodies. It’s also very protective, grounding for your emotions, and shields the overwhelming vibes (ie smog, geopathic stress, electromagnetic congestion) of our modern world. Grief can be incredibly ungrounding (grieving people often describe a feeling of being ‘out of their body’), this mineral is especially important to help you stay connected to the body. It’s your body that will be able to guide you through all of your emotions. 



This a stone of the Divine. It has a high frequency for angelic communication. This is a wonderful stone to help you connect to spirit and channel all of the joy, light and loveliness that is found in that realm. It is a stone of sweetness and grace. It is wonderful to work with during any kind of meditation or channeling work as it allow you access to the Divine with such ease. It is also a great stone for bringing a sense of inner peace to the heart and body. This is a great mineral to use to bring light into times when things are feeling very dark or heavy.



While this mineral can do many things, one of its main attributes is helping to connect us to spirit. It is different than the way danburite helps you connect to spirit. Danburite aids in a connection to the universal energy of spirit, where amethyst helps you connect more specifically to individual spirits. This is a great mineral to work with if you are feeling the energy of your loved one around you and want to connect more to them. Be ready for what comes to you when this portal is opened. You may want to also work with some hematite if you are using amethyst with this intention. It will help you stay in your body while you receive the messages you are ready to hear.



Because of it's absorbing properties it is a wonderful stone for drawing out stuck energy. It's a great stone for clearing any kind of blocks in the body, but especially deep emotions that are stuck, emotions that have been pushed down into our bellies to deal with later. This is a great stone for anyone who feels they are repressing their emotions, though it is good to remember that grief has its own process and timing. Sometimes there are parts of grief that are delayed, and we must trust this. Use this only if you feel there are emotions you are avoiding. I would not use this stone right away, but rather years (maybe even decades later) if you feel there are things that are stuck.