mineral meditations

Hematite, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cumbria, England

Hematite, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cumbria, England

Mineral Meditations

A series of meditations with each workshop focusing on a specific mineral. You know more about minerals than you think you do. These workshops are designed to help you tap into the natural wisdom and knowing you already have about the mineral kingdom. Insightful, uplifting and totally fun, these workshops are really taught by the participants with Lauren as your guide. 

Learn, share, grow and walk away with some tips and tools for how to use minerals in your life and a mineral of your very own from the workshop. 

These meditations have been on a hiatus but will be back in 2019.

Born with a natural connection to minerals, in many ways Lauren has been working with minerals all her life. Her mother was a silversmith and always had gemstones and crystals around the house for her jewelry. When her mother died in 2008 Lauren inherited lifetimes of mineral wisdom from her lineage. Through connecting with her mother’s spirit, years of research, teaching workshops and her own use of minerals in her daily life and in her art for her Mineral Monochromes Lauren has a deep connection to the medicine found in minerals. 



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"In an age where information is at our fingertips and repeated without true comprehension, Lauren's deep and thoughtful work with minerals is indispensable. Rather than reciting already established information, Lauren uses her innate connection with minerals to create a space to discover the healing properties of minerals in an incredibly personal and meaningful way. Her guidance brings out the intuitive mineralist in each of us. I leave Lauren's mineral meditations feeling grounded inspired and nourished. Lauren is a true talent and a wise soul and these workshops are a beautiful gift. I can't recommend them highly enough." - Jessica