mineral for creativity TWO


Minerals for Creativity / Part 2

Last month I wrote how it takes two energies to birth something new. These two energies are male and female / spirit and soul. This is true in procreation, within us energetically (as we are made of both male and female energy no matter our gender and we need both to be whole), but I think it is also true when it comes to creativity. 

I explained a little about the masculine energy that can be used for creativity - this is an energy that feeds more of our mind. It’s the energy of new ideas, thoughts, vision, the future, connecting ideas, taking your idea out into the world, talking about your ideas or creations to others, etc…

This month we will focus more on the feminine aspects of creativity. This is where we traditionally think about creativity coming from. But I still think we can frame it in a bigger way. We tend to only talk about it as emotions, but the female isn’t just about emotion. She is the container that holds all things (emotions being one of them). A great way to understand part of what the creative female energy is like is to think of the ocean. Imagine going to the very bottom of the ocean, where there is no light, formless, and unknown. It is in this depth that new things can be discovered. 

We do this creatively when we go down, down, down into the darkness, in to the place of NO THING, and we allow ourselves to be guided, we allow ourselves to be curious. It’s when we say, “I have no idea what I am doing” but we are still moving, still creating, that we are creating from the feminine. It is when we take action from the “I don’t know”. That “I don’t know” is the head. But the action is coming from the wisdom of the female. 

You can think about this also in the process of how a woman gives birth. The body knows what it’s doing. The woman may never have given birth before, but it’s this energy of NO THING, which holds EVERY THING that she is bringing new life into the world. It holds it all. 

Here are some minerals to help you cultivate and strengthen the feminine aspects of your creative energy. 



This stone is all about magic! Don’t be fooled by its dark outer appearance, this stone holds a rainbow of brilliant hues as it catches the light. This is a great stone for assistance as you move through the darkness, the void, the unconscious, and the unknown of life. It helps illuminate the truth while protecting you as you traverse into unseen worlds. It strengthens your intuition and enhances your particular psychic abilities. This stone essentially does what creativity is all about - it illuminates things that are in the dark, brings things to life that haven’t been seen before.



This stone is connected to the lower three energy centers of our body. It helps you stay grounded as you tap into the creative forces (sexual energy) within, while propelling you forward to take action. It can draw up creative energies from hidden places, and keeps you focused to see your ideas or projects through so they can take form and become something physical in the world. This stone heightens your senses and helps enhance your sensual nature. A good one if you make things with your hands, or create whole experiences that involve all the senses (writer, sculptor, film maker, etc…) Great to cultivate your intuition, if you are feeling creatively blocked (this includes writers block), or on a creative deadline. 


Black Andradite Garnet

A powerful stone that helps connect your energy to that of the core of the earth. It helps you to fuel your creative actions and sexual energy from this infinite well of fire. It draws you deep within, to the center of your own personal power. A great stone if you are communicating or expression a personal experience. While it helps connect you to the personal, it also helps you draw upon the wisdom of the collective. It helps you deliver that message and experience with force, and the support of the collective. It is an incredibly powerful stone, especially if you are looking to enhance the power of your feminine energy. 



This stone can help you echo the ebbs and flows of nature and its life force in your creative process. While it is incredibly grounding it helps you to tune into the ebbs and flows, push and pulls, of what it means to be creative. It holds the wisdom that creativity is not a straight line, but rather a web to navigate and explore. There will be ups and downs, it is all part of being creative. It helps to bring new and original ideas into the world, things that speak to our own humanity and can change the course of where we are going. With this stone you become a co-creator with the energy of nature. It’s also great to combat fears of failure or lack of inspiration.