In our modern world we are so busy doing that it is hard to get to the truth of what is happening inside of us. 

As a result we live in our heads and are disconnected from other aspects of ourselves. And we tend to use our heads to try to resolve the issues that we face in our lives, both internally and externally. This is counterintuitive and very often leads to more confusion and leads us aways from the parts of ourselves that hold the clarity and knowing of the truth. This way of being results in the continuous build up of negative emotions in the body, which only accentuates our disconnection from our inner intuitive intelligence and wisdom. 

Breathwork has become a popular methodology for healing because it is a tool to release these emotions that crowd our body. It isn’t a meditation practice based on mindfulness or detached observation from the head, but instead is much more powerful because it cleanses your body of all these unnecessary energetic emotions. It is the first step towards reconnecting you to your true self.

I create workshops with a focus to teach you to stay grounded in and connected to your body while the energies and emotions clear. I believe this to be essential in order to get the emotional /energetic release while you are also learning simultaneously to drop deeper within the body to access the self on a soul level. I lead you in a way that helps you practice to ride the waves of your experiences. Learning to do so in turn will allow you to be able to respond to your inner experiences versus react to them. You basically learn to not be at the affect of your emotions no matter what they are when they arise in your daily life. 

When we learn to go deeper within the body we can begin to access answers beyond the conditioning of our mind. We learn to go beyond the known into the unknown which is the place of discovery and growth because it is in the unknown that we can feel and hear the voice of our own soul, the voice of our true Self.

No matter if you have a regular meditation practice or have never meditated before, breathwork is easy to learn, is very relaxing for the nervous system, and you have a powerful experience your very first time. These online meditations are a tool for you, one that can be used no matter where in the world you live. They use breath, movement, visualization, music and minerals to go layer by layer into the energy of your body giving you a final experience that redefines what you think you know.  

Robert Barry, Installation view, Alfonso Artiaco Napoli, 2018

Robert Barry, Installation view, Alfonso Artiaco Napoli, 2018

Franz Erhard Walther

Franz Erhard Walther




Online Workshops

for Stress & Anxiety  / NEW

This online workshop will help you learn to work with your anxiety and lessen the stress of everyday life. We all know that meditation is beneficial for dealing with daily stress, but what we aren’t taught is how to deal with the energy of anxiety and stress in a more engaging way. You will learn how to access other energies in the body to help you move through the anxiety when it comes, as well as use your breath to calm your nervous system. You will have practical tools to practice and implement in your life that use the body and the breath to help you stay connected and grounded. This workshop includes 5 meditations and a handful of resources, minerals, flower remedies from Alexis Smart, exercises, as well as lots of information and tips about stress and anxiety. Lifetime access / $55



The Grounded Self

What does it mean to be grounded? Why is it so important? 

When you are grounded you are connected to the wisdom of your body, the wisdom of your soul. There is freedom that comes when you are grounded, a way you navigate the world openly, with no resistance, owning your full experience. This is the most fundamental and important workshop to date. Learning to be grounded is the first stepping stone of being able to be in touch with your intuition, being open to life, navigating the stress of our modern world, and learning to stay connected to your body while doing any spiritual work. 

With this series of meditations you will be guided to a place in yourself where you can mine the deep wisdom that you hold, and will walk away with experiences and tools to help you show up in life more grounded and therefore more authentic and open in every moment. It includes in-depth information about breathwork, a series of five 20 min guided breathwork meditations, 2 movement meditations, minerals for grounding, a list of flower remedies from Alexis Smart, as well as many tips and tools to help support you in your journey to connect deeper to yourself. Lifetime access / $55


Authentic Heart

What if you could live your life every day from the truth that is in your heart? What if your heart had a voice, what would it say? What does it mean to have an open heart? What if you didn’t control the heart, how could it be more free? Where do you hold the power of your heart in your body? What if you could tap into the wisdom of your heart in every moment?

Get ready to let go of everything you thought your heart was about, and open yourself up to what your heart is ready to become.

In this workshop you will discover a more authentic picture of your unique heart - What makes it special and unlike anyone else’s? With each of these 6 meditations you will be lead on a journey to discover the truth of your heart for yourself, with each recording building on itself. Dissolve blocks. Make space. Tap into the energy flow of the heart. Hear the voice of your heart. Learn about helpful minerals for the heart. And discover aspects of your true heart that have been waiting for you. Lifetime access / $55


Discovering Your Voice

Imagine a life where your voice is connected to your heart, where your words carry your truth and power, where you can say what you actually feel. This 7 meditation workshop will help lead you on a journey to discover your own relationship to your voice. With topics that range from learning to ground the voice and tap into the voice of the heart, to feeling the connection the throat has to the second chakra and birthing the voice inside that is waiting to be expressed - as well as taking a journey to past lives to uncover the source and help heal the wounds of the voice that you carry. You will also learn about different minerals that can support various aspects of the throat. Lifetime access / $55


Magic of Winter / End of Year 

Tap into the magic of the Winter season. These 6 meditations take you through relaxing and opening layers of your being: your mind, heart, organs, skin and aura. Preparing you for a special meditation that guides you to discover what seed you are planting to grow in the Spring. Perfect to do at the end of the calendar year for support during the holidays and in preparation for the new year ahead. Start mid November, spend a week repeating each meditation which will prepare you for a breakthrough and beautiful experience come Jan 1st. Lifetime access / $55


ceramiche disegnate da Gio Ponti per la Richard Ginori, Manifattura di Doccia, 1923

ceramiche disegnate da Gio Ponti per la Richard Ginori, Manifattura di Doccia, 1923

What people are saying…

“Lauren, I participated in a breathwork workshop you offered online. I took this as a last resort in a very challenging time in my life, and you helped to shift my entire being. I went from someone who continually wanted to mask my pain and suffering with substances to knowing that there is another way, and seeing the positive results. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for being the stepping stone into a new and healthy path in my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for existing and sharing your knowledge. All my love and gratitude.” - Sage

"This workshop is beyond. My throats has undergone a physical transformation and that is only the beginning. I now do breathwork every morning. I can feel energy pulsing through my body. I found myself jumping out of bed each day to begin.”

"Lauren is an incredible teacher, full of light and wisdom and patience. She imbues her workshops with a sense of magic and wonder, and creates a sense of community where everyone is open to share and connect. Lauren isn’t afraid to ask big questions, but her guidance is grounded in a practical application to everyday life. She is, quite simply, the best." - Ian

"Powerful, creative, thoughtful. Lauren is a medicine woman!”

"I decided to do the Winter Season workshop after doing Lauren's Mercado Sagrado meditation which was unlike anything I had ever done before, it had such a powerful relaxing and calming effect. The Winter Season Workshop was wonderful, it felt very supporting and I could feel my energy shifting, changing as time went on - again a first for me. I also really appreciated that Lauren was so engaging and helpful with comments on the message board, and I found her knowledge really expanding when I needed help to work out what shifts I was experiencing - Thank you!" - Claire

“I live in my head, and these meditations forced me to have an experience in my body, and trust what my body was telling me (vs. trying to rationalize how I was feeling). This work is incredibly revealing and much more intuitive than I thought.”

"Lauren is otherworldly. She possesses many rare and wonderful qualities that as an instructor make her that much more impactful. She creates a warm and grounded space, allowing strangers to quickly feel like family. Feeling safe and supported allows you to go much deeper in your practice. Her "knowing" on what is happening to each individual is truly incredible. She is pulling her wisdom from a vast spiritual source and she does so effortlessly. Her knowledge of minerals is at an expert level but she carries it with grace and continued wonderment. She has advised me in very important ways that has made a big difference in my work and personal life. Lauren is a gift." - Krista

“Lauren's workshops are truly a gift. There are so many self-help resources out there, but please know that this is the real thing. Her work is not about a quick fix or some instant revelation - instead it focuses on growth and real healing, with the compassionate understanding that these things are not always clear and can take time. Her acceptance of the unknown and assistance leaning into it is starting to change my life, and I'm excited to see where this work leads.”

"The Winter Season workshop was a beautiful gift for going within during this time of year. The topics of each meditation got me right into my body - they were incredibly grounding. Lauren's voice is so soothing, peaceful, and encouraging. She pairs the meditations with the most beautiful music. When I started the meditations, I was moving out of the most stressful, chaotic experience in my life thus far and into a bit of normalcy. Lauren's meditations were the most effective tool during that time. I was able to breathe through all of the energy I was holding, surrender, and move through it. When I go into the mind, a typical seated meditation often does not help me to ground into the body, and the breathwork allows me to do this so naturally. It's now easier for me to tap into that space in each moment, with "normal" breath. I am so thankful for Fields of Study and Lauren's beautiful talent. I truly feel supported by her, and by my own breath." - Paige

"This was my first serious foray into meditation and I'm so glad I started with Lauren's Discovering Your Voice workshop. I took the workshop specifically because I've been asked to speak at a community event about local history - a piece of tumultuous history in the Jim Crow South. Lauren's workshop gave me better knowledge about freeing blocks and finding strength to use my voice. I love Lauren's approach - using a combination of music and spoken word to guide students. I'll be able to use her teachings about minerals as I move forward with healing work. Which I absolutely plan to do! I'm hooked, thanks to Lauren."

"This was the best meditation experience I have had. I started learning to meditate about 3 yrs ago and Lauren's meditations are the most powerful yet relaxing I have found. The messages really sunk in with me and I came away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated with more personal power. She does a beautiful and skillful job.”