how to choose your minerals


How to Choose Your Minerals 


Believe it or not, I barely retain much of the information I read about stones (and I read a lot!). There are a couple of reasons I am OK with this. I don’t want to be a walking mineral encyclopedia. That just isn’t that interesting to me. Over the years, I have learned how much we already know about minerals without thinking we know very much at all. This is because working with minerals is about trusting your intuition. We have everything we need to know inside of us — you just have to learn and practice listening.

Some tips on how to do this:

Pay attention to what you are attracted to. That’s the biggest tell. If you really love a certain mineral then it means you need it, and it must hold some particular healing for you. It could be the color, the shape, the way it plays with light, or what you feel emotionally when you look at it or hold it. If there is an attraction on any level then you have made a match. We all know what it is like to fall in love with a mineral, one you can’t stop thinking about, one that takes your breath away, or that you want with you all the time. This isn’t just because you love the color. It’s an energetic resonance between the vibration of the mineral and you. 

This principle also applies if you have a really strong reaction about something you don’t like. A strong repulsion or dislike of a mineral can be an indication that there is healing to be done around an energy you are holding, and that resistance to a particular mineral is picking up or touching on that energy in you. This is where you have to learn to hone your intuition about minerals. If you really don’t like something ask yourself - What is this bringing up for me? Your soul wants to transform blocks and unhealthy energy; it wants to work at its highest vibration and be in its most whole state. Because minerals work on an energetic level they can help you do this. Blocks and unhealthy energies work really hard to keep you looking in the other direction, to make you think you need them, or make you blind to them. A personal example of this is that I never like dark red minerals. I never buy them. At times they make me cringe. Yes, there is no doubt that they are beautiful, but I really stay away from them, and I can feel that in myself. It’s not an indifference, it’s a strong aversion. This means that I need them. Red, dark red, and deep orange minerals are associated with the second chakra. Because I know my own issues, I can make the link to why these minerals would be helpful for me. I can also see how the blocks (being unhealthy energies) are keeping me from something that would bring me a lot of healing. 

Pay attention to what you get excited about, and what you strongly dislike. Your reaction one way or another is the best compass for how to choose which stone is right for you. 

If you are picking out one mineral in a group of the same minerals, notice the first one you grab without thinking or the one your eyes keep returning to. It might not be the prettiest in the bunch. A stone’s healing power has nothing to do with how pretty or perfect it is. The more you can trust yourself the better. Your mind will never tell you which mineral you need, it’s your body that will give you the clues. In our culture, we overvalue and rely so heavily on the knowledge that the mind holds, but our bodies hold a tremendous amount of innate wisdom. So practice tuning in to that wisdom. Every time you listen to what you feel and what your body is telling you, without the understanding of the mind, you are strengthening your intuition. This is the golden key to unlocking the potential of your intuition. I have had so many people tell me incredible stories about their minerals that start with, “I don’t know why, but…”. You do know why. It’s the mind that doesn’t understand. But the body knows. Minerals are not about working with thoughts. They are about energy, and that is held in the body. After all, it is our bodies that come from the earth and its matter. The body has a natural connection to what comes from the earth. You know way more than you think you do about minerals. And the more you work with them the more you will see this.