Online Meditation


November 20th* - December 24th


Holiday Season Online Meditation

Imagine a holiday season where you aren’t focused on just getting through it, but on enjoying it and using all the energy that is available to you to stay more grounded, open, and perhaps have a breakthrough that will lead you into the new year! This six week online meditation workshop will help support and guide you through, what is for many, a very overwhelming time.  

Because it is online it means you can participate no matter where in the world you live. A new 20 min meditation will be posted on a password protected blog at the beginning of each week for you to use as many times as you need it, whether that means meditating every day or once a week, it is up to you to determine how deep you want to go and how much support you need. Your tool box will grow over the season with a new meditation posted each week. By the end you will have 6 meditations to choose from. You can mix up your practice by returning to meditations from previous weeks or focus on the one for that week over and over. It’s up to you to tailor it to your needs and your journey. The meditations are not live, so you can listen to it whenever works for your schedule and travels. The workshop will have all sorts of tools for you to use: breathwork meditation, visualizations, movement, mineral information, etc. You will have the opportunity to check in and share with the group, and ask questions of myself throughout the six weeks.

It’s time to shift how we engage with the holidays, to be more open to the experiences and energy that surrounds this time.

/ $48

*This workshop will be open to sign up for any time during these 6 weeks.