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The Authentic Heart

What is the truth of your heart? In this 7 day online meditation workshop you will discover a more authentic picture of your unique heart - what makes it special and unlike anyone else’s. With each of these 7 meditations you will be lead on a journey to discover the truth of your heart for yourself, with each days topic building on itself. Dissolve blocks. Make space. Tap into the energy flow of the heart. Understand the over emotionalized or false heart. Learn about helpful minerals for the heart. And discover aspects of your true heart that have been waiting for you.

This is an online workshop, so you can participate no matter where in the world you live. A new 20 min meditation will be posted with a short passage to read on a password protected blog each day. The meditations are not live, so you can listen to them whenever works for you, and you will have access to them for two months, giving you time to revisit and discover deeper layers. You will have the opportunity to check in and share with the group, and ask questions throughout the seven days. If you engage and share the workshop can function like a mini session, where you will get intuitive readings, recommendations and mineral suggestions from me. 

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Until January 31st


Winter Season Online Meditation

Tap into the magic of the Winter season. These six meditations take you through relaxing and opening layers of your being: your mind, heart, organs, skin and aura. Preparing you for a special meditation that guides you to discover what seed you are planting to blossom in the Spring.  

All 6 meditations are posted on a password protected blog for you to use as many times as you need them, as well as share your experience and ask questions of me about anything that comes up.

It’s time to shift how we engage with the winter season, to be more open to the experiences and energy that surrounds this time.

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*This workshop was live from November through December, but is also very helpful to use through January. You can still sign up and participate with the group and ask questions until January 31st.