Supreme Heart / Emerald Spray

Supreme Heart / Emerald Spray


supreme heart

EMERALD- In ancient Rome emerald was used for fertility and was associated with the goddess of Venus, which tells us that it is a wonderful mineral for abundance and opening us to the depth and power of our hearts. Emerald helps you to connect to the greater wisdom of the heart. While it soothes the emotions it can also allow the heart to be more active and courageous. Helping you to see that abundance is not outside of you, but what you discover on the inner journey, it is on this path of the unknown that will lead you to fulfillment. This stone is heavily related to the myth of reclaiming the Holy Grail. It brings out the qualities of the heart that are pure, sensitive, loyal, intelligent and that have integrity. Keeps you centered on your lifes work while living and acting from the heart.

Good for anyone who is ready to step into the next level wisdom of the heart, for courage, nourishing the whole heart (the active and receptive halves), focus, gentleness, fulfillment, integrity, love, abundance of the self

This water has been infused with the energy and healing powers of emerald. Made under the light of the Super Blue Blood Moon 1/30/18. This bottle includes a piece of emerald that was used in the process and ritual of its making. Spray around you and in your space when you need it. It is unscented. 


These are limited edition - this set of 12 is all that exists, and all that might ever exist. 

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