Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz



This special piece of smokey quartz is a crystal point that has been naturally tumbled by the rivers of Brazil. Smokey Quartz helps to transform negative emotions, patterns, and thoughts. It is softer, less harsh, than black tourmaline. It creates a powerful force field around you to protect against any negative energy, from inside yourself as well as outside of yourself. But at the same time it still allows you to stay connected to the outside world, and enhances your ability for discernment so that you can navigate life from a clear and grounded place. It’s gentle energy helps you to ground for prolonged periods of time. Because of its quartz energy it allows you to connect to the electrical circuit of energy between the earth and the body. It grounds the body into the earth so that there can be a release of energy and a current of energy that flows through the body, just like the river it was tumbled in. 

Grounding. Clearing. Gentle. 

This special mineral was hard to photograph, but it is beautiful and translucent in person, and has the most gentle energy. It also has a slightly sparkly surface from its tumble in the river, similar to sea glass.

All minerals have been cleaned under the Flower Full Moon and charged in the sun. They are ready for you and your home.

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