These days electro magnetic frequencies are everywhere! We are surrounded by technology - mobile phones, computers and Wifi! These all radiate EMFs. Some people are very sensitive to EMFs and can feel a brain fog, fatigue, poor digestion, compromised immune system, increased blood pressure, anxiety and depression, even a change in heart rate or blood sugar. Basically stress, emotionally and on the physical body, the function of its organs. Shungite protects against EMFs by naturally neutralizing these frequencies due to its components on a molecular level. Shungite comes from a meteorite and it’s the only natural mineral in existence to have the presence of a hallow molecular carbon cage - this allows for the EMF neutralization. 

These little flat shungite plaques have a sticky back so you can stick them onto your phone or computer to help combat the EMFs from those devices. 

Protect yourself from EMFs

All minerals have been cleaned under the Flower Full Moon and charged in the sun. They are ready for you and your home. 

*each sold individualy

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