SUMMER COLLECTION / minerals and crystals collected on my travels through the Southwest, from trusted sources and rock enthusiasts who gather the specimens themselves.


Quartz / Medium

Quartz / Medium


QUARTZ - Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. There is so much this crystal can do. It is wonderful for overall healing, harmonizing, clearing, purification, alignment, and amplification. 

This crystal is part of a once in a lifetime collection. I bought it from a young guy who mined them himself in the Southwest. They have the most incredible energy and special features, including their natural, perfect points. This one has beautiful patterns of sand inclusions and phantom layers. Its most special feature is a triangular window, allowing you to pear into the inner world of the crystal. This crystal is great for getting down to the nitty gritty inner work of self growth. It helps you remain clear and curious as you dive deeper and examine further what makes you tick. It also has a sorceress energy about it, the revealer of great mysteries while being very grounded in reality.  

All minerals have been cleaned under the Full Moon and charged in the sun. They are ready for you and your home.

*see second and third photo for scale

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