SUMMER COLLECTION / minerals and crystals collected on my travels through the Southwest, from trusted sources and rock enthusiasts who gather the specimens themselves.


Quartz / Colorado

Quartz / Colorado


QUARTZ - Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. There is so much this crystal can do. It is wonderful for overall healing, harmonizing, clearing, purification, alignment, and amplification. 

This specimen is really lovely, it is from Colorado, which if you have a connection to this state then you have a connection to this mineral. But it also has special aspects, it is a “self-healed” quartz, meaning that at some point during it’s growth it was separated from its base. Despite this it has grown tiny crystals around the base. You can use the expertise of this crystal in your own journey of self healing. Helping you to take situations that might seem devastating, or like they will “break you” and allow you to use the wisdom within to heal those wounds. 

All minerals have been cleaned under the Full Moon and charged in the sun. They are ready for you and your home.

*this crystal is slightly smaller than your palm


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