Protect / Black Tourmaline Spray

Protect / Black Tourmaline Spray



This is one of the most important stones of the modern age. Everyone should be carrying a piece with them. It is especially important for anyone who is doing spiritual work with people, who is an empath, or who lives in challenging spaces or circumstances (you can count cities on that list). This stone has the ability to take negative energy and purify it, turning it into usable energy, it is the only mineral that can do this. It clears the body and surroundings of any negative, dark, or unhealthy energy. It is also a huge helper when it comes to protection and is particularly important for someone to have if they are very open, psychic or empathetic. 

Good for clearing, protecting, purifying

This water has been infused with the energy and healing powers of black tourmaline. Made under the light of the Full Flower Moon 5/28/18. This bottle includes a piece of black tourmaline that was used in the process and ritual of its making. Spray around you and in your space when you need it. It is unscented. 

These are limited edition - this set of 12 is all that exists, and all that might ever exist.

2 oz. 

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