Power / Pyrite Spray

Power / Pyrite Spray



This mineral carries with it lots of masculine energy. I call it the Super Woman stone, as it holds the male energy of Mother Earth. This stone is all about increasing vitality, confidence, and willpower. It’s a great stone to help give you direction and deepen your commitment to something so you can see it through to completion. It is good for grounding, rebalancing and energy. Tired, but can’t take a nap? Hold some Pyrite! Need to go out into the world and kick some ass? Carry some Pyrite. It’s also great for manifestation and creating abundance in your life as well as promoting creativity. It’s a very generating and energetic mineral.

Good for energy, confidence, power, direction, abundance.

This water has been infused with the energy and healing powers of pyrite. Made under the light of the Full Flower Moon 5/28/18. This bottle includes a piece of pyrite that was used in the process and ritual of its making. Spray around you and in your space when you need it. It is unscented.

These are limited edition - this set of 12 is all that exists, and all that might ever exist.

2 oz. 

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