One Love / Kunzite Spray

One Love / Kunzite Spray



A favorite stone involving the heart helping to reawaken the magic of the heart, the magic of love! It has a more divine, joyful and radiant quality about it, and a lighter energy than Rose Quartz. It’s helpful for healing heartbreak, or heartache, its energy allows you to let go of the wounds, grief and sadness from these relationships more willingly. It’s energy is quick and clear and allows your heart’s energy to move into the whole body and connecting you to the wisdom and ‘knowing’ that your heart holds. It’s sometimes called the Woman’s stone, and is good for anyone in need of cultivating mothering energy in their lives. Especially good for young or first time mothers. It promotes calm and caring energy that has it’s origins in the heart.

Good for lifting the heaviness of the heart, grief, heartbreak/ache, trauma. Helps to release fear around opening yourself up to love. Connects you to all the kinds of love that are available as well as a universal divine love that is all encompassing. Use when you need to cultivate a feeling or space of nurturing energy. I feel this mineral holds the same energy as young love - that excitement, power, joy and magic of your first love.

This water has been infused with the energy and healing powers of kunzite. Made under the light of the Full Flower Moon 5/28/18. This bottle includes a piece of kunzite that was used in the process and ritual of its making. Spray around you and in your space when you need it. It is unscented.

These are limited edition - this set of 12 is all that exists, and all that might ever exist.

2 oz. 

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