This is one of the oldest known stones. The Pharaohs would often line their headdresses with it and grind it up for eyeshadow, they believed it would help them cultivate clear vision and insight. Because of it's absorbing properties it is a wonderful stone for drawing out stuck energy. It's a great stone for clearing any kind of blocks in the body, but especially deep emotions that are stuck in the body, emotions that have been pushed down into our bellies to deal with later. It has also been known to help people while they are traveling, particularly flying. It's also a great stone for protection, especially for children.

This piece of malachite is a stalactite! Amazing! Super special.

Unblock. Process feelings through the heart. Cleanse.

All minerals have been cleaned under the Flower Full Moon and charged in the sun. They are ready for you and your home.

*two are pictures but sold separately

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