Ground / Hematite Spray

Ground / Hematite Spray



This might just be one of the most important stones we can have with us. If you are working on yourself and the growth of your soul, or any kind of spiritual work then a piece of hematite will be so helpful. All of that work you are doing won’t really stick or have any real impact on your life if it isn’t integrated into the body. Hematite aids in grounding that energy into the body while moving old negative energy out. It’s essential for helping the messages and information from other realms to be of service to your body and in the world we are living in. It’s also very protective, grounding for your emotions, and shields the overwhelming vibes (ie smog, geopathic stress, electromagnetic congestion) of our modern world.

Good for grounding your body, nervous system and grounding energy or information from spirit into the body. Helps to keep you in your body when you are doing any kind of spiritual work, so it is essential for any kind of healer or person doing any kind of healing or channelling. Also good for people who get easily overtaken by their emotions, or tend to drown in their emotions. Also good for anyone who is stressed, as stress ungrounds you. Good to protect you from negative and unwanted energy, especially the kinds that are a result of industry and technology. This spray is a must for everyone. 

This water has been infused with the energy and healing powers of hematite. Made under the light of the Full Flower Moon 5/28/18. This bottle includes a piece of hematite that was used in the process and ritual of its making. Spray around you and in your space when you need it. It is unscented.

These are limited edition - this set of 12 is all that exists, and all that might ever exist. 

2 oz.

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