Private Sessions


One on One Healing Session 

This session is all about you. With a balance of discussion, movement and meditation we will explore the energy in your body. We will open with some sharing about what is on your mind, troubling your heart, or waiting to be expressed. We will then do a little movement, helping you to connect to the healing properties of the elements. I will read the energy of your body, and certain movements and energies will be suggested to you as tools to use and practice in your daily life to help you ground, connect, open, receive and be in the flow of life. We will end with a guided breathwork meditation, helping you to clear any energy blocks and connect you more deeply to your heart. You will be guided using oils, minerals, touch and sound. Private sessions help you find clarity and discover the wisdom within your body. Sessions are held at Yogala Studios in Echo Park, CA. 1 hr 30 min / $180


One on One Healing Session  / Online

An online session is a great way to connect more deeply if you are traveling or do not live in Los Angeles. These sessions are conducted just as an in person session would be (see above description), but in the comfort of your own home. 1 hr 30 min / $150


Custom Recorded Meditation / Online

This is an opportunity to have a custom meditation created just for you. We will spend 30 minutes discussing what is going on in your life, and what you would like to clear and work on. After our session I will take all of this information and weave it together to create a 20 minute recorded meditation that will be based on the energy of your body and the energy you are ready to move into. Your personal meditation will be emailed to you, and you can download this and keep it on your computer or on your phone to use daily or when you need it. I will also recommend a mineral or two for you to use during meditation. 30 min / $150


Child / Teen Session

This hour long session is customized to meet the needs of your child or teen. A combination of playful movement, elements from nature, expression through drawing, and various forms of meditation based on their personality and specific needs. Using their own inner voice and creativity your child or teen will find an open space to express themselves, helping them to feel more empowered with tools to use in their everyday life. Sessions are held at Yogala Studio in Echo Park, CA. 1 hr / $100




Born with a natural connection to minerals, in many ways Lauren has been working with minerals all her life. Her mother was a silversmith and always had gemstones and crystals around the house for her jewelry. When her mother died in 2008 Lauren inherited lifetimes of mineral wisdom from her linage. Through connecting with her mother’s spirit, years of research, teaching workshops and her own use of minerals in her daily life and in her art for her Mineral Monochromes Lauren has a deep connection to the medicine found in minerals. 


Mineral Reading / Online

Let’s talk minerals! During this 30 minute session we will discuss where you are right now in your life and I will look at what is going on with your energy. You will receive two to three mineral recommendations, information on why they would be beneficial for you, as well as practical info about how to care for and work with them. You will also be able to ask me any burning questions you have about the mineral world. This session also makes a great gift. 30 min / $70  


Group Circles


There is a special healing that occurs when we come together as a group. Whether you want to incorporate meditation into your workplace, mark a special occasion or event, or just an opportunity to bring friends together, a meditation circle is a lovely way to connect.


Moon Meditation - This circle focuses on the moon and the different cycles and astrological signs it phases through each month, and how to tap into and use its unique energies in your life. Available for both New Moon and Full Moon circles. 

Mineral Meditation - Minerals are incredible tools to help move, heal and strengthen different energies in the body. I will teach you how to use your intuition to work with minerals and crystals in your daily life and during meditation.

Meditation for Creative Businesses - Breathwork meditation is particularly good for our busy lives and fast-paced world. Providing your staff with a practice that allows for stress release is invaluable to promoting more productivity and creativity in the workplace.

Non - profits / Schools - Fields of Study is actively seeking opportunities to work with non-profit organizations and high schools. I have worked in schools and with non-profits and have seen first hand how helpful meditation can be to aid in moving through trauma, grief, as self care for care takers, and for teens to help them with the challenges they face.