Lauren Spencer King


is an artist and healer working in Los Angeles, CA. She received her MFA from Art Center College of Design in 2011. She has been practicing breathwork meditation for over thirteen years. In 2012 she completed the four levels of David Elliott’s Healer Training and has been teaching ever since. Lauren has also been working extensively with Dominique Sire for the past six years, learning how to read and use the energy of the body for transformation. She has taught meditation workshops at the UCLA Hammer Museum, art galleries in LA, and in the woods of Griffith Park. She has worked with kids as a high school art teacher and more recently at Our House Grief Support Center in Los Angeles, leading kids' grief groups at the center and in schools. This is also where she received her Grief Specialist certification. 

Lauren has been featured in Vogue talking about minerals, and has done interviews for Free + Native, Sans, Golubka Kitchen & Apiece Apart. She also writes about minerals regularly for Window of the Sky.



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"Lauren is an incredible teacher, full of light and wisdom and patience. She imbues each class with a sense of magic and wonder, and creates a sense of community where everyone is open to share and connect. Lauren isn’t afraid to ask big questions, but her guidance is grounded in a practical application to everyday life. She is, quite simply, the best."

                 - Ian


"Lauren is otherworldly. She possesses many rare and wonderful qualities that as an instructor make her that much more impactful. In her breath work classes she creates a warm and grounded space, allowing strangers to quickly feel like family. Feeling safe and supported allows you to go much deeper in your practice. Her "knowing" on what is happening to each individual is truly incredible. She is pulling her wisdom from a vast spiritual source and she does so effortlessly.  

Her knowledge of minerals is at an expert level but she carries it with grace and continued wonderment. She has advised me in very important ways that has made a big difference in my work and personal life. Lauren is a gift." 

                - Krista


"Lauren is something special. She is intuitive and insightful, and has a natural wisdom that stems from a place of experience and curiosity. I've been going to her breathwork meditation classes for almost a year, and I can easily say she has changed my life in remarkable ways. She holds an open and nurturing space where you can be part of a beautiful exchange between teaching and learning. Wherever you are in your life - you will benefit from her offerings."

                  - Angie


"Lauren brings grace into her healing practice, and her gentle aesthetic as an artist is immediately apparent through her use of minerals/natural elements, music, and well, her presence in general. I felt safe to share, cry, and laugh -- in other words, to be completely myself in all of its messiness. She skillfully gave us the space to feel what we all needed to feel individually in those moments, but to also connect and find comfort in one another."

                    - Nicole



"I feel so grateful to have met Lauren. Her caring and loving nature is seen with my 7-year old daughter who works with her.  After the first private session with Lauren, my daughter whispers in my ear, "That was amazing."  And, now after weeks of not going, she asks to see Lauren again."

                    - Annie


all photos by Claire Cottrell

and from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s archive